Friday, January 29, 2021

28 January – Lliber to Senija Cross

Further coronavirus restrictions mean as a couple we cannot meet anyone else either indoors or outdoors.  So it looks like we will be walking on our own for some time to come.

However we can walk where we want, and when we want, so it is a lot better than last March/April.

We walk for an hour or so most days, but this is our first “proper” walk since November.


We were concerned to find the route blocked about half way around with tape and a no entry sign due to culling wild boars.  But fortunately it was for 29 January, and we walked the day before.

 We have done this walk many times, but I think this is the first time we did it on our own.   It is nice to enjoy the peace and quiet, but we really do miss the company of our walking friends.

This was particularly so when we had our picnic lunch at the cross.   It felt unnatural without the usual buzz of conversation.   We also noticed that our selection of boiled sweets is lasting longer without the usual distribution after the picnic.

 We did not sit as long as usual because by not it was very hot, and there is no shade near the cross.  

With temperatures of 28c it felt more like April or May than late January.

On the way down to Senija we paused to admire this lovely garden.   Very simple, very colourful and very Spanish, with fine views of the village.

Fortunately we had brought extra water, because we needed it during the second half of the walk.

 We have noticed that the almond blossom is very late this year.  But we were fortunate to find this one, with a view of the cross behind (if you look very hard)

Our detour through the valley to Lliber is my favourite part of this walk

The views of Lliber, Jalon, Alcalali and even Parcent all framed by the surrounding hills is really something very special.

 All the bars are closed so we had to make do with warm water from our flask.   It was a poor substitute for a long cold drink in Lliber square.


Time taken – 5 hours

Distance – 12 km

Total Ascent – 360 metres

Temperature – 18-28c

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

18 January – Murla Ermita


View of our destination from the bottom of our street

We are still walking on our own due to the coronavirus restrictions

The advantage is that we can walk when we wish, but we do miss our walking friends

The abandoned restaurant by the river now has “no entry” written on the walls

The river looked particularly attractive in the bright sun

So we had an early banana stop

We were surprised that despite the recent heavy rain the river was easily fordable

We were quite close to where the goats are kept overnight, and could hear the preparation to take them out

But unfortunately they went in the opposite direction

We did this walk in February last year with the Monday Ramblers

There were 13 in the group and the comparison with just the two of us today was striking

We had our picnic lunch at the Ermita de Sant Sebastia

The door was locked but I took this photo through the grill

We had a number of calls from Moviestar during our picnic, but with poor reception did not understand what they wanted

Lovely walking weather today and we particularly enjoyed walking through the woods

We found a slightly better track for our alternative route back


Time taken – 4.5 hours

Distance – 10 km

Total Ascent – 393 metres

Temperature – 7-14c

Thursday, January 14, 2021

13 January 2021 – Lliber Hidden Valley

Not a good week here in Spain.  

The Covid 19 stats are much worse, both in Valencia and throughout Spain.   The Valencian restrictions have been increased, and the Jalon town hall have renewed their additional restrictions for at least another week.

And winter has arrived.   This week has seen the coldest temperatures recorded in Spain.   There has been heavy snow fall throughout the country, causing Madrid airport to close.  No snow in Parcent, but we have had four days of rain.   After two days of non stop rain there was a break.  Despite the approaching rain clouds we set off to do our hour long circuit.  We had not even reached the village before the rain started again, and we were soaked when we returned home.

The rain has been replaced by (for us) extremely low temperatures.  But during the day it is mostly sunny with clear blue sky.   So ideal for walking.   We manage our Parcent circuit most days, and a longer walk at least once a week.

This week it was Lliber Hidden Valley.   Lovely clear and crisp start to the walk, and surprised to find quite deep puddles of water covered in hard ice.  We soon warmed up and even removed our gloves, but not much else.   We really enjoyed our four hour walk, but it made us appreciate how much more enjoyable it is with good company.

We finished with a drink in Lliber square.   The outside tables are well spaced, and there was only one occupied when we got there about 2pm.   One other couple arrived whilst we were there, but very quiet compared with previous visits.

It has been a depressing week with the weather and the added restrictions.  The change in the weather has made a great difference.   Despite the cold we can find a sun trap on the naya to enjoy the sun.   The arrival of the vaccine is great news, though the distribution in Spain lacks the same urgency displayed in the UK.

The real fear for everyone is a return to the house arrest of last March/April.   There is some talk about it online, but nothing official at present.   I suspect it will be some time before we can start the walking groups again, but we can manage as long as we can walk together when we want to.

Monday, January 4, 2021

4 January 2021 – Parcent to Alcalali


There should have been 14 of us for the first walk of 2021.  

On Saturday night the Jalon town hall issued a new list of restrictions on their Facebook page.   Due to a steep rise in Covid 19 infections in the valley all markets and sports were suspended.   Worse still “also limit contacts to family nucleus and avoid being with people you don’t live with”

We were already aware that the situation was getting worse in the Valencian Region, but our sleepy little valley had always seemed to avoid the rising infection rate in the major towns and along the coast.   There had been a few isolated infections, but they were always dealt with.

On Saturday morning we had walked into Jalon from Parcent, and were surprised how busy the Rastro market was, and how little social distance seemed to take place.   There is a marked route around the market, and that was also ignored.   We walked on the other side of the road to avoid the market.

It has now turned pretty cold, and we could see that everyone was sitting inside the bars, which were also very busy.   Since the start of lockdown we have always tried to avoid sitting inside bars, and today we found one bar with a sunny courtyard to have our coffee.

Even before the new restrictions we had already decided to abandon our usual after walk drinks.   But these new restrictions made it clear that it would be unsafe and very unwise to continue our weekly walks.  

So we have suspended both walks until we feel that it is safe to walk in groups again.   We will continue to walks on our own, both regular walks and our hour long walks from the house.

Today we did a four hour walk from the house.   It was not the same as walking with our group of friends, but it was better than staying at home.   At least, for the present anyway, we are not restricted to the house as we were during the first lockdown.