Tuesday, April 20, 2021

19 April 2021 – Jalon to Alcalali

 We repeated last week’s walk, but with a few additions, and with a different group

We are still restricted to a maximum of six on each walk

At present only ten want to walk, so we use a rota system 

In this way most of those who want to walk can do so on alternative Monday’s

Unfortunately we has a late cancellation this week, so there were only five of us

We repeated this walk because it is a nice easy one for those who have not walked much since December

Jan and I have done this walk many times but always enjoy it

The weather was much better than last week, so it seemed like a different walk

Rain is not unusual at this time of year, but the weather forecast is looking better

The pace was faster than last week, so we added an extension to Alcalali mirador

As a result we did a slightly longer walk, but in the same time

Half of the group have had their first coronavirus vaccine in the last week

We are hoping that the rest will have theirs soon

Valencia is to review the restrictions this weekend

We are hoping that they might increase the numbers who can meet from 6 to 10 

Perhaps that, plus the vaccine, will encourage more of the group to walk again

Meanwhile we will just take it one week at a time

No point is making plans when restrictions can change overnight 


Time taken – 3.5 hours

Distance – 10 km

Total Ascent – 150 metres

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

12 April 2021 – Jalon to Alcalali

This was our first Monday Ramblers walk since December

Valencia relaxed the covid restrictions today to allow six people to meet together

This allowed us to restart the group

Hopefully it will not be long before the numbers allowed to meet are increased

In the meantime we will operate a roster system which will allow anyone who wants to walk to do so

The weather was cloudy but dry

Great to be able to walk in a group again


Time taken – 3.5 hours

Distance – 9 km

Total Ascent – 150 metres

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

5 April 2021 – Lliber Hidden Valley


After a wet and windy Sunday, Easter Monday was sunny and warm

We expected it to be busy on this popular walk

But it was much quieter than expected

Richard and Brenda joined us again for this walk

She has had treatment recently for a painful knee

I had forgotten that there are some difficult sections of this walk

But she managed ok, though may suffer for it tomorrow

The walk was quiet, but Lliber square was very busy

But both bars were open and we managed to get a table ok

Lovely walk which never loses its appeal


Time taken – 4 hours

Distance – 10 km

Total Ascent – 295 metres

Friday, April 2, 2021

1 April 2021 – Lleus to Pinos

We shared this walk with Dave and Sue, and of course Alice

It was the first time we have seen them since last summer

Great to catch up on all of their news

We don’t allow dogs on our U3A walking groups

If we did it would quickly turn into a dog walking group

However it was nice to have Alice with us today 

We did have one worrying moment, when we think she was bitten by a snake.

It was going through the gorge and she was sniffing along the dry river bed

She was quite frightened, but otherwise seemed to be ok


And she enjoyed the carton of apple juice which we gave her during the picnic stop


Time taken – 5 hours

Distance – 10 km

Total Ascent – 400 metres