Tuesday, October 26, 2021

25 October 2021 – Juvees de Alt


There should have been 13 of us for today’s walk

However one had a minor car accident in the car park

A second was delayed and missed the walk

The walk was also a little longer than expected

Jan slipped and injured her wrist

Nothing serious but she was shook up

This added half an hour to the walk

We admired the view from Juvees de Alt, including the entrance to Baranco Inferno

We also had our picnic lunch there as we were running a little late

The mist came in as we set off after lunch

But fortunately not the rain which had been forcast

 This is my favourite part of the walk, with a good path and great views

Lovely to get out in the fresh air after a few wet days

We opted for the road down to the bar, rather than the side of the hill

And were rewarded with this excellent view of the winding path down to the valley


Time taken – 6 hours

Distance – 13 km

Total ascent – 542 metres

Temperature – 14c to 18c

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

18 October 2021 – Tormos to Campell


18 of us for today’s walk

This included Terry, who was walking with us for the first time

Plus Richard’s daughter Charlie, who walked with us a year or so ago

And nice to see Fiona again, first walk with us since Covid 19 lockdown

It is hard to believe that it is 3 years since we last did this walk

David, Helen and Roger were all on that walk, and again today

It was good to see that the tracks through the woods have been improved

Also interesting that some of the steeper sections seemed more challenging than last time

I suspect that says more for us than the route

Lovely views of Campell as we walked through the woods

We had our picnic lunch at the ermita as usual

Where Barry checked his map to ensure that he, at least, knew the way back

Very pleasant weather today, despite a forecast of rain

It is so much nicer now that the temperatures have fallen a little

We must be getting a little fitter because we finished the walk 10 minutes early

Last week we were 20 minutes late                    

The path past the horses was open today and fortunately Jan had a spare apple

We were very pleased to find that bar l’Almassera in Tormos is open again

Where we had a very pleasant after walk drink

We will miss David and Colin when they return to the UK next week


Time taken – 6 hours

Distance – 14 km

Total ascent – 410 metres

Temperature – 18c to 21c

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

11 October 2021 – Jalon Alt de Ample

17 of us on today’s walk

This included David on his first walk with us since March 2020

It was also good to welcome back Barry and Linda on their third visit this year

It was also nice to have Mark and Sheryl as guest walkers

They are Paul’s son and partner

Having young walkers now and again keeps us “on our toes”

We think this strange item is to provide water and food, but not sure for what.

It was great to be walking in the hills again

We enjoyed our summer valley walks

But it is just not the same

Numbers are growing now that more UK members are walking again

But no doubt it will sort itself out as it always has in the past

And it is really nice to see them again

We almost cancelled today due to a forecast of heavy rain

Not only did it not rain, but we even had some sun for our banana and picnic breaks

Thanks to everyone who helped to make this such an enjoyable day


Time taken – 5.5 hours

Distance – 11 km

Total ascent – 410 metres

Temperature – 19c to 22c