Tuesday, May 25, 2021

24 May 2021 – Col de Rates

We were lucky with the weather again this week

The forecast had been heavy rain all day 

But rain all day Sunday turned to sunny all day Monday

The temperatures have also increased to 26c today

Fortunately we had a cooling breeze during the climb

For most of the group this was their first time to do this walk

And though some found it quite hard, all enjoyed it

When we got to the mirador we were surprised to find so much work going on

We knew that the Parcent road was closed, but did not know why

So we were surprised to find the restaurant as busy as ever 

The cool breeze made our picnic very pleasant

And the views were, as ever, very impressive

As we left some of the workmen arrived to have their lunch at the same spot

It was warmer and more exposed on the return journey

Even though it was downhill all the way, it was also quite hard going

But well worth the effort 


Time taken – 5 hours

Distance – 9 km

Total Ascent – 471 metres

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

17 May 2021 – Olta Circuit

Lovely weather for a lovely walk

We have cancelled this walk for the past three weeks due to heavy rain

So it was a bit worrying when it started to rain as we left the house

But fortunately it cleared before we reached Olta

And we had ideal walking weather, sunny with a cool wind

We are allowed to have a maximum of ten on each walk now

There should have been ten today, but two had to cancel 

We also welcomed a new Dutch lady

The highlight of the walk was when Jan received her covid vaccine appointment

There has been an unexplained delay for her age group

I had my second job a couple of weeks ago

Since then we have chased the medical centre about Jan

We have always been told they will call when they want her

But no explanation about the delay 

Normally we frown when a mobile phone rings during a walk

But this one was very welcome.


Time taken – 4 hours

Distance – 8 km

Total Ascent – 330 metres