Tuesday, September 28, 2021

27 September 2021 – Jalon Circular Walk

 15 on today’s walk

That included Paul’s daughter Naomi, who is here on a short visit

It was also nice to see Colin again who has returned from the UK

This is our last Summer Walk of this year

Next week we start our new Monday Ramblers 4-6 hour day walks

In preparation we did this slightly longer, and higher, circular walk

Last time we did it towards Parcent, this time in reverse

It was much easier and more enjoyable this way

I was directed to do the “sweetie round” as the terrain was difficult

It was nice to get away from the roads in the valley, and to enjoy the scenic view during our banana break

For new members this is the first walk “off the beaten track”

And we were fortunate to have such good weather to enjoy it

Jan did back marker, and it was necessary in this terrain

I have also asked everyone to walk behind me and in front of Jan

This allowed me to regulate the pace to ensure that everyone enjoyed the walk

Everyone understood, and Jan enjoyed using her whistle

All but one of the summer group have signed up for the longer day walks

We are really looking forward to doing some old favourites after such a long break

We also hope to see some of our UK based members again

We ended the walk with a nice drink at Bar Claudia in Jalon



Time taken – 3.5 hours

Distance – 10 km

Total ascent – 150 metres

Temperature – 17c to 28c

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

20 September 2021 – Alcalali to Parcent Circular Walk

10 of us on today’s walk

First time we have started from Alcalali, but parking at “chickenshacks” in Parcent is now very difficult due to fly tipping

We seem to have found a new “cat lady”

19c at the start of the walk, summer must be coming to an end

Mind it did rise during the walk, and was the same as last week by the end

We had our banana stop at the font in Parcent

But to get there we walked through the village

This gave me an opportunity to show the group the large parking area

Not many non-residents know it is there, and it is not the easiest place to find or direct others to

But we may have to use it in future if the chicken shacks are closed for good.

We were not prepared for the steep climb up to Alcalali village square

But the much needed cold drink made it worthwhile

Confirmation for Barry that not only did we not get lost this week, we also finished on time.  In fact the church bells were ringing midday as we reached the car


Time taken – 3 hours

Distance – 11 km

Temperature – 19c to 26c

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

13 September 2021 – Parcent Circular Walk

16 of us on today’s walk

This is probably as many as we would want on any walk

It was cloudy today and more comfortable than last week

We had two new members walking with us today

They were a Dutch couple called Marlies and Franc

Paul and Chris also joined us for the first time since the summer break

 David asked me about our wargame, and I bored him with too much information during our banana break.

Gary and Tina are still in “holiday mode” and we are very impressed at how many restaurants and bars they visit each week.

Despite the recent new members everyone seems to be getting on really well and the banter was very good

There has been a lot of work done on the river banks at this part of the walk, including a new system of tracks

I was a little concerned, but fortunately had my satnav to help me find the right direction

With such a large group we will need a back marker on the longer and more complicated walks

We had frequent water stops because of the heat, and you can see that everyone seemed to be enjoying the walk

The only time it was quiet was when we crossed the field with the bee hives

Not surprising the three rivers we crossed were completely dry

We have now done this walk half a dozen times, and I am more confident even in the difficult parts

Consequently I was chatting too much, and not paying attention to where we were going

Until we reached a road and I realised I had missed a turn

Everyone was most amused, and particularly Barry

It was nice for everyone to be able to sit together in the Parcent cooperativa

Walking back to the car we passed this very friendly little fellow.  I am not sure whether he is a boar, but he was certainly not “wild”.   More like a friendly little puppy,.


Time taken – 3 hours

Distance – 9 km

Temperature – 21c to 26c