Tuesday, June 29, 2021

28 June 2021 – Parcent to Murla


Twelve of us for the last walk before the summer break

This included Jo, who we have not seen for a few months 

What a relief that we no longer have to wear face masks all the time

We still have to wear them indoors and when we cannot maintain 1.5 metre distance

 So we have to carry them during the walk just in case we need them

We were surprised to pass people wearing masks, even in the campo

Not as hot as expected today, thanks to a cool breeze

Nice slow pace and lots of water stops

We had our banana break outside the church in Murla

It was not as peaceful as usual, due to workmen in a nearby town house

But was nice a shaded and we were ready for a break

We avoided the main part of the village

And met this friendly horse as a result

We followed a different route back

And captured this unusual view of the particularly unattractive clock tower

The return journey is more exposed and we were more aware of the higher temperatures

So we took every opportunity of a shady water stop

Due to the slower place it took longer than expected to reach Parcent

And a very welcome cold drink at the cooperativa


Time taken – 3.5 hours

Distance – 9 km

Temperature – 24c to 28c

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

21 June 2021 – Lliber Zoo Circular


It was a pleasant 23c as we met in the central carpark in Lliber

Missing Julian and Pete who both have medical problems

But we did welcome Chris, a new member to the group

We normally start this walk in Jalon

But that would add an hour to complete the walk

And after the slower pace last week due to the heat it might be even longer

So we added a small detour to the dry river bed for a pleasant water break

The temperature rose as the morning progressed

And the shade at the mirador was very welcome

The rest of the walk was along the side of the mountain, which is mostly shaded

The lovely valley views make this my favourite part of this walk

It was midday by the time we reached the village

And the temperature had risen to 28c

So we were very pleased to reach the bar

The lovely square was surprisingly quiet

A lovely end to a lovely walk


Time taken – 5 hours

Distance – 9 km

Temperature – 23c to 28c

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

14 June 2021 – Tormos to Isbert Dam

No limit to numbers meeting outside, so we could increase our group to 11

It was lovely to welcome Barry and Linda again on their first visit to Spain since October last year.

We also welcomed Phil for his first walk with the group

And we made two new, four legged, friends during the walk

We had been concerned with the weather forecast of 31c

However it was a pleasant 24c when we met at 0900

The valley was at its colourful best despite the higher summer temperatures

It was a real delight to be able to walk in such a lovely area

The only climb was out of the river bed at the dam

We took every opportunity to have a water break in any shaded area

And it was pleasantly cool walking through the tunnel

We had our banana stop in this shaded area just after the tunnel

It was lovely to catch up on news from the UK with Barry and Linda

It was also nice to see Eva, who has missed a couple of walks recently

And Phil, who is a friend of Paul, seemed to fit in well

Jan distributed the sweeties before we set off again

The hotel seemed to be completed, but not yet open

I missed a turning, which Barry was quick to point out to everyone

Fortunately we could use an alternative path without having to go back

Tina shared her spray bottle, which was very welcome

The temperature had risen to 29c as we returned to Tormos

So a cold drink on the shaded terrace of Bar Tormos was a welcome end to a very pleasant morning walk.


Time taken – 3 hours

Distance – 9 km

Total Ascent – 100 metres

Temperature – 24 to 29c