Tuesday, December 14, 2021

13 December 2021 – Benimeli Aerials

 Only nine on todays walk

It should have been thirteen

But Barry and Linda had to return to UK early

Tina and Jocelyn both had medical problems

Tina is very suspicious, because she suggested we wear Christmas hats today

I suspected that most would not do so 

But  I kept some tinsel in my haversack, just in case

I was pleasantly surprised that most had done so

I quickly added the tinsel to my hat

It is not unusual for numbers to fall at this time of year

So it was a good day for Lisa to join us for her first walk

And also to welcome Marlies back after a long break for injury

Once more we had lovely weather

Not at all appropriate given the festive headgear

It felt just like a good summer day in the UK

And it reminded us just how lucky we are to live in “sunny Spain”

It was so pleasant that we had an extended lunch break

Resulting in us taking a little longer than expected

But I didn’t hear anyone complaining

Unfortunately Jan had to miss this walk, but hopefully will be with us again soon


Time taken – 4.5 hours

Distance – 7 km

Total ascent – 390 metres

Temperature – 9-19c




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